Every Day is Ag Day

Every Day is Ag Day

As a kick-off to National Ag Day (March 21, 2017), I was privileged to sit down with representatives from the American Agri-Women (AAW) who were quick to remind us that “Ag Day is Every Day.”

For the billions of people around the world who rely on food, feed, fuel and fiber in their daily lives and the millions of farmers around the world who are our providers, Every Day REALLY IS Ag Day.

American Agri-Women recently launched its year-long education and advocacy campaign, “Ag Day 365: Ag Day is Every Day,” to show that everyone is part of agriculture, every day, and to raise awareness about who produces our nation’s abundant food, fiber and energy supply.

American Agri-Women President Doris Mold farms in Minnesota and is passionate about advocating for agriculture as an ag consultant, educator and volunteer.  Read her post on National Ag Day’s blog page to learn more about the group’s Ag Day activities.

Also part of the AAW organization, Natalie Sents, graduated from Iowa State University, and promptly set out on the Why I Farm Roadtrip – a year-long, 50 state tour documenting agriculture’s diversity and revealing the untold stories of America’s farmers.  Sue McCrum, for example, is a potato farmer in Maine (as well as AAW’s Past-President).  You can read the story of Sue’s family farm on the Why I Farm blog here.

As agriculture continues to be scrutinized, it’s important the agriculture community stands behind farmers, help share their story, and connect with consumers.

Read the stories on the Why I Farm blog to celebrate National Ag Day and honor the American farmer.

Another AAW Iowan, Krystal Doolittle is a self-described “farming wife and mom raising the next generation and helping feed the world.” On her website, Krystal talks about being “a voice for truth about agriculture.” And if a picture is with a thousand words, you should view Krystal’s photography on Instagram:


Follow American Agri-Women’s Ag Day 365 campaign on AAW’s social media accounts, following the hashtag #agday365. Join in and add the hashtag to your own posts, showing what “Ag Day Every Day” means to you!

Every Day is Ag Day, indeed, as these four impressive women in agriculture reminded me.  But there is a whole slate of events scheduled this week to commemorate “National Ag Day,” a day to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture. Click here to see just a few of the events in Washington, D.C..

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